Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The Astoria Cafe in Midland Park,
on Lambton Quay hasn't changed
in ten years. Much. More crowded?
Perhaps. My back to the clattering
crowd, my eyes darting through
glass to the bright green park
I watch a woman with jet black
ponytail feed bread to pigeons
in the covered walkway next to
multiple signs exhorting: END
Sexual Abuse and Rape!

Just outside, a gregarious Alsatian
pup strains at the leash after
the woman who has gone to collect
coffees. The dog finally sits, pulled
back by the man, a laughing fellow
proud of the dog's accomplishment.
As people leave, they are drawn
to pat the dog, ruffle its thick russet
hair, discuss dog habits and care.
There is so much goodness here!
My coffee is rich, sweet, hot.


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  2. (Trying again, to get link working)

    You inspired me to a café poem too, though not quite like yours When Tony Came Back