Sunday, April 22, 2012


Day 22 – a judging poem

The Child -
Why do they tell me
what to do
ALL the time? They’re mean.

The Teenager -
What’s with this
“You can’t do that!”

The Adult -
I had no idea!
Could somebody
PLEASE tell me
what to do?


Day 21 – under the microscope

Macro photography: God
in the details

What a discovery!
An ant on a flower -
a moth in a ball gown
of crocheted lace -
a harlequin bug
magnified to beauty -
a nail in an elm’s trunk -
cobwebs – and new
versions of old  junk
where before
the flowers, the succulent,
trees and bark, the pile
of stuff, appeared
as items, were filtered

the lens of largesse, now
looked at as access
to a new universe.


Day 20 - Let's ______

Let's Talk

Lying in bed bone-weary
and your sweet trills
question my lateness.

I imagine climbing to you
to that topmost tip
of a thin branch

chatting as the sun rises
glows on the blossoms
tempts you to stay.

But my garden does not
offer water, and you need
to sip that with nectar.

Your final comment
follows the flap of your
sunrise wings, rosella

as a crow begins its
morning's GPS exercises
mapping a day's flight.


Day 19 – a life event


I wonder what that good nun thought
on being notified about the court
and how her marriage was almost
null and void.
I bet she was most uncharitably annoyed.

“Good Lord,” she would have started with
“I thought such separation was a myth.
Please recant this summons now
for I have never broken my vows.

And how, Dear Lord, can
cancellation be so easy
as to simply exist in a court’s
decree nisi?”

While I, all unknowing, awaited the letter
I knew would make me feel a lot better
this poor soul with exactly the same name
would have struggled to pray for a life
without blame.

So think before you untie that knot
whose copybook you might unwittingly blot.
And spare some concern for those same-name others
who may be God’s Sisters, or even Mothers!


Day 18 – regional cuisine

Day of worship.

My cousin, a dietician,
took off from Melbourne
to serve the world.
Never got past California.

When I found her
she served up Aussie pies
all juicy beef, not salty,
the gravy almost sweet.

This was in Berkeley
in 1987. From her cafe
we drank deeply of campus
drumming. It was Sunday.


Day 17 – Two for Tuesday: science fiction/fantasy

“Science Fiction” – a form of fiction (story) which
draws imaginatively on scientific knowledge and speculation”
Macquarie Dictionary

I see the filaments
of silk
only when and where
light strikes.

I pull weeds, prune
for my convenience.
I tell myself the stories
from gardening books -
cutting back, reducing
competition, structure!
I apply science
for fertility, selective

But does anyone really know
what makes a garden grow?

I believe birds
are necessary.
I believe companionship
and competition for light
can co-exist.
I believe in the healing
of moving air, attentive

That is all made up
a fiction based on
about an objective
invented by science.