Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Day 10 – Forest/Tree

There are degrees of “forest”.
Bungal is wild, spirit-lit.
Wombat has clearings that make
bile rise. My back yard
has no name.

Peppercorn tree happily hosts
termites, I’m told. This explains
the demolition of my childhood home.
Here, it seems to thrive
simply as tree. No easy-going
hosting, apparently.

But one day, it will own this land.
Colonisation in a natural order.
I wish the gum trees and callistemons
strength, prosperity.

Walking in my small wild patch
I sing and dream of striving to reach the sun
of brushing my neighbours fondly at dusk
of bouncing to teach fledglings balance.

I stand still
imagine being rooted to the spot
while connected and enthralled
by being the source of this world’s destiny.

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