Sunday, April 22, 2012


Day 19 – a life event


I wonder what that good nun thought
on being notified about the court
and how her marriage was almost
null and void.
I bet she was most uncharitably annoyed.

“Good Lord,” she would have started with
“I thought such separation was a myth.
Please recant this summons now
for I have never broken my vows.

And how, Dear Lord, can
cancellation be so easy
as to simply exist in a court’s
decree nisi?”

While I, all unknowing, awaited the letter
I knew would make me feel a lot better
this poor soul with exactly the same name
would have struggled to pray for a life
without blame.

So think before you untie that knot
whose copybook you might unwittingly blot.
And spare some concern for those same-name others
who may be God’s Sisters, or even Mothers!

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