Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Day 13 – unlucky

1.    that bloated kangaroo
beside the freeway
victim of dusk and speeding
2. the white cat stretched
taut on skinny branches
sent flying by irate
3. passionfruit vine I
continue to pull off
the bushes it uses
for life support
4. the stinky-bug nursery
disturbed when compost bin lid
is lifted
5. the foxtail bush
overwhelmed by rampant
grevillea growth
6. old webs and sentinel
spiders I sweep
from eaves
7. the magpie that just had to
grab one more morsel
off the tarred road
and became carrion
8. the fox that tried to
cross the road lit by
9. the multitudes of children
in the Congo catching
10. people born on islands
being swallowed by the sea
11. my favourite footy team
beaten tonight
12. women and children
sold and stolen
for sex
13. the number thirteen

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