Sunday, August 1, 2010



1.  love

we don't do too badly
considering our lack of faith
and status as novitiates

as my daughter says:
singing is not believing!
we own the singing

and give of it freely
our voices our gift
our dual harmony

2.  chat

Home-schooled, we find out
after his approach to confide:
I've been to two churches today!
The other one is way way over
the hill. Pulling up an orange
plastic chair, he further confesses:
There must be a hundred people
here, all talking at once! I find that
annoying, you can't talk, you have to
shout. I'm eating hedgehog first
then the pasties, then cake.
We munch contentedly together.
It doesn't matter whether you're
six or sixty, song, food and
a good listener make you happy.

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