Wednesday, September 15, 2010

AUCKLAND 37, 38, 39, 40

Last Snaps

It's a Rain Show night -
white drifts blow past white arc lights.
Portainers flash caution
with orange lights.
Roads hiss at tyres interrupting
the flow, without a change of lights.
The ANL Binburra still
and stacked squarely, steady as she stays
a tower, an inverted necklace of white lights.

2. Community

The gardens display
arty workshops' results:
ceramic, mud brick,
painted wood & concrete
edges. Plants happily
spread, mingle, allow
the edges to introduce
gardeners' skill. 
One tilted scarecrow
flightless visitors.

3.  Lava

It arches, raises paws,
builds a case for high cliff.
We sit on it, magnet
for tides, turning to mud,
bumpy shelter for shells. 
One assailant undaunted:
Pohutukawa roots
looped like octopus legs.

4. Flight

I leave behind sunshine.
I am in the aisle seat
so see nothing but
the trolley, butter chicken
for lunch, cabernet merlot
from WA, the toilet queue.

It's good to land - Tullamarine's
sky never fails to excite: down
down we bump, like teddy's
being dragged downstairs,
and while I wait for my lift,
a black cloud dumps
its load in fat drops that drown
all hope of dry wit

not like those prissy mists
of Auckland in late winter.


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  1. Enjoy them all, as usual, and for some reason just love number 3.