Wednesday, October 20, 2010


25. a poem in which every stanza begins or ends with a question.

On the XPT, leaving Melbourne

Why has someone
populated their backyard
with a variety of sheds?
We have moved on
faster than I can frame
the question.

When will these filthy
sections of north-western Melbourne
be cleaned up? A valley opens 
below the railway bridge:
a deep valley, shaded waters
beneath bunchy trees.

What is the craze for
graffitti all about?
Give me a vertical surface
I'll talk to you, why
don't you get my message?
Where you from?

Another valley.
Our water so unpredictable
we reckon that  creek
will never fill again; we
have flooded the floor with
Mchousing, and green mown grass.

When do we expect to reach
somewhere else?

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