Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's February!

Here's my challenge: post a poem here on my prompt which will begin with F every day in February. Your only limit is 10 lines. The words were selected by the classic shut-eye-random-finger method. And instant first draft is preferable.This is writing practice not perfect presentation.

I'll have to do 2 here to catch up with myself.

1. Faction

Within the world of poets
there are strongholds, yes,
and smaller groups with
points of view, styles and
rhetoric which enriches.

Even on my shelves
there is the 1980's Aussie
faction, Melbourne scene
to be precise, and women's
writing magazines.

2. Fainting

There's nothing deceitful
about this kind of faint - it's got
more to do with strength of paint.

I would prefer the fencer's feint
that double entendre of point
which actually demonstrates great restraint.

Smelling salts, corsets,
and hot days - complaint
now viewed as ridiculous constraint.

OK - over to you if you dare.

1 comment:

  1. I am doing NaHaiWriMo on facebook, a haiku a day for all of February. It might be enough.