Monday, October 29, 2012

I notice people are visiting my blog and reading my poems. Thank you for doing that. I had no idea, and even if you leave no comment, I appreciate your interest. I have been silent for quite a while, but will be back with the next Poem-A-Day challenge, starting on November 1 (for me, Nov 2 ). I started a new blog recently called ArtyJay, which I'll upload more photos and artwork onto. You are welcome to browse, though I've so far been writing prose, diary-ish. My life revolves around art, poetry, innovation, creativity, song ... I like to praise nature, celebrate being alive ... and to share myself freely, openly, authentically ... sometimes poetry does that, sometimes it doesn't. 

Sal and the Rollin' Stone - if you've never heard them, go to their website. A really great Australian country/rock sound.

The joys of a wild garden in Spring. I have learned from my gardening that plants love companionship and competition, and that's why they grow so robustly in my back yard - plenty of both.

Four days to go. Poems lurking, waiting for the call ...

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