Sunday, June 30, 2013


This last poem has five parts instead of being five separate poems for 26 June to 30 June.

Five views of glass from inside it.

If you are offended
by falsity, do you
retire modestly behind
a veil, or fling wide
the curtains and call it
like it is? Either way
make sure you're
triple-glazed to retain

When there is no-one mooning
out the window (a classic
feminine pose, elbow on sill,
hand draped under chin,
apparently supportive), who
will bother with chivalry
and serenade? What use
riding out to the boundaries
deterring attack on fleshly
property? Better to stay home
put feet up, watch footy
and attack whatever's
inside the castle of glass
with you.

Scuds and drones
may shatter your
home, but names
will only kill you.

It's coming closer
the thing
the alien menace
triffids and shape changers
a deadly squad
burning melts your walls
a guillotine cuts through
glass first
they cannot drown you
but beware of the suffocation
your own capitulation

It was all wrong.
Not seductive.
Not married.
No children.
Untied to the man.
How the heck
did she expect us
to understand?
There's a game
there's rules
there's fair game
there's bending
the rules and breaking
them and
good reasons.
Why the heck 
didn't she just
bloody play the game?

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