Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Not All In The Name

19. prompt: a poem with a hole in it

Jo calls it the Purple Tea Pot
in her typed Schedule of Walks
and Meeting Points.

As they meet again for dinner
at the golf club, they laugh.
"Flying Teapot, not Purple!"

The coffee was not as good
says Ed, as the coffee AND
the donut at Donut King.

You're kidding! say the more
sophisticated members, eyes
crinkled like crumble slices.

And what about the Seniors'
Discount! Ed challenges.
At least two people get the point.

But what has money got to do
with anything? They're not just
Walkers, but Talkers, 

sharing life matters while
the coffee cools, and issues 
are chewed over slowly.


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