Saturday, November 6, 2010

"... of droughts and flooding rains ..."

5. prompt: metamorphosis

Having printed the year's photos
she has no doubt it's been 
a transformational year.

Euphorbia and Ecchia
have grown up, produced progeny.
The wattle no longer falls in strong winds

but flutters like a head of hair across
the new sand path. She relocates
a metal flamingo after pruning

the peppercorn tree; now there is
a pair. Even the loquat tree is proudly 
parental, with two sprigs of hard golden fruit.

Wild oats have come and gone, wild rocket
and two-year old silver beet are as tall as she,
and no need to bend for coriander either.

Water sits in the bird baths, squinting
at springtime's pretty sun and she sits
on the patio, drinking in the blessed greens

the rose perfumes,  the immodesty
of bottle brushes,  and wonders what to do 
with all the buckets and bins of saved water. 

1 comment:

  1. Was loving this in every detail, and then was taken by surprise and laughter at the end. Nice!

    And WOW, what a transformation to your blog! What fun you've obviously been having. It looks great.