Monday, January 17, 2011

A River of Stones 16. The Hug that was a Hum

We volunteered at the annual festival of singers in our region.
After the last concert, where workshop groups entertained each other
with renditions of gospel, appalachian, georgian and british song,
we formed three circles, creating a chant for peace. And then the very well-known
and deservedly well-loved leader of that circle song invited staff and volunteers
to assemble in the middle, in the heart of the three-hundred-strong circle.
It is really enough that someone says thank you and you can see the results
of your work, but this time we received a "sonic hug" - arms of harmonic sound
surrounded us, filled the entire town hall, entered our pores, our cells,
altered our chemistry. I have never been so thoroughly drenched in gratitude.

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