Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A River of Stones - Catching Up 20 - 25

At last! My new computer is operational.

20. No time to see the small stone
      only the small computer.
      Or large i-phone.
      My fingers, typing, make art
      of selection. 

21. The day before a weekend.
       My son shouts me a smorgasbord.
       Celebrating a birthday

22. Now my ex-husband advises
      on the treatment of couch grass.
      I am inspired by the possibility
      of several solutions at once.

23. Floods must have drowned
      millions of frogs and fish.
      Such benign glinting waters.
      So much tragedy we
      haven't witnessed.

24. But what about the people! you say.
      How large we are, how communal.
      What about the frogs, fish, spiders
      washed to oblivion?

25. The Man, the Dog, and the Ball

       All you need is
       a lightweight round brown ball
       a small white short-haired dog
       a man in his back yard, smoking
       and a fenceless tract 
       of emerald grass
       to see how thrilling
       the chase is.

1 comment:

  1. Good for you! Hope to have continual access again soon.

    Yes, frogs, fish and spiders matter too. So do dogs chasing balls. :)