Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 15 - Mock Turkey

I bet you are surprised,
Where the heck did this
topic come from? Do you
remember those classic
country sandwiches,
the filling the nearest
to spicy you could get
in those run-down towns
around a general store?

To remind you:
1 large tomato (peeled)
[from your own garden]
slice of stale bread
[the kids haven't got
to all of it, you hid
that slice in the pantry]
butter size of walnut
cheese size of two walnuts
[the walnuts that grow
in your back yard]
1 small onion [from
your garden] sage
and thyme [ditto].

Grate cheese and onion
crumb the bread
chop tomato
cook all ingredients
in a saucepan for
ten minutes stirring
very often. Wrap for
the kids or lay out
on platters for
the Euchre Party.
"Mock"? "Turkey"?
Don't ask. It just
has to be that way.

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