Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 16 - Milk Bar

Well, back in the country town
there was a milk bar we called
a lolly shop. You got milkshakes
and chewy milk bottles
and icypoles in technicolour.

Experimenting with stealth
at the age of seven or eight
you might have stolen lollies
never getting enough practice
at crime to escape undetected.

The lolly shop owner's wife
wielded an iron over shirts
fuelled by misunderstanding
roaring with flame like a dragon.
You never stole again.


  1. oh, I'd completely forgotten we called them lolly shops. A lovely bit of nostalgia, though I don't recall trying to pinch anything, I suspect they were wise to any tricks!

  2. I know they were! It wasn't me who tried it, but it was a very small town.