Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's November & Poetic Asides Poem-A-Day Challenge

Prompt Day 1 - Procrastination

If I hadn't been dealing with
Mum's health issues
and daughter's chronic
lack-of-dough blues
I would have done more
in the garden.

If I hadn't got fascinated
with avian who's who's
and come home from walking
with pongy-soled shoes
I would have got out
in the garden.

There's no point in crying
with loud boo-hoo-hoos
when seedlings are eaten
weeds grow where they choose
cos I'm not in the garden
and don't plan to be -

right now it's so peaceful
so wild, and so free.

Prompt Day 2 - an epigraph

The Poisoner Gloats

"Our homes are on our backs and don't forget it." Molly Peacock

A futile gesture, this.
The beer fizzed, the hops
expanded into the air
through the straw
drowning you in desire
before the awful sleep
you'll never come back from.

I am happy, vengeful
and yet you got the lettuces
a seedling last supper
so tender, juicy.
I can't imagine that
you all tasted heaven
before entering it.

I stand over your corpses.
The beer turns frothy;
you share your communal
liquid grave with earwigs
and slugs, and so many of you
young, barely into the shell.
Your loss not my victory.

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