Thursday, November 17, 2011

November PAD Challenge

Day 11   Prompt: include maths or numbers

Counting on you

The number of wing beats it takes
to fill a garden with song -
The number of leaves needed
to make a tree strong
The number of conversations
voiceless, wordy, brief, long
The number of cells shed in a year
for life to prolong

Day 12   Prompt: an excess poem

 Rediscovering the colonised footpath

All you wild rocket fronds
and dry-leaved marigolds
all you dandelion heads
and shallow-rooted thistles
hear me: I am woman
and I am strong! Resist me
not!! Even the soil you wish
to bring with you, I reclaim.
From your new roost in
tall wheelie bin, look down
at the cleared space and know
I have won. For you, game over.

Day 13   Prompt: a kind poem


This common or garden poem
is kind to its neighbours. Their rhymes
lean over the fence to quietly gossip.
This poem is shady on hot days
holds moisture jealously, is
generous to moving creatures.
Its beds are well made by willing
servants, and it is fed by a gourmet
spread served up by constant
turnover of staff and helpers.
This poem  prefers to be spoken aloud
but its roots work in silence.

Day 14   Prompt: include deadly and dangerous elements

Found Poem
Black Magic

an efficient remedy against
bloodpoisoning caused by bites
of snakes, centipedes, spiders,
wasps and all venomous insects.
This stone is an infallible and so to speak
instantaneous remedy.

also peremptory against all kinds
of bloodpoisoning caused by
wounds, excoriations, abscesses,
whitlow, phlegmon, tetanos, and
bites of mad dogs, poisoned arrows.

The bitten spot must be made to bleed.
As soon as the STONE comes in contact
with the blood, it sticks to the wound
and cannot be detached
unless all poison has been absorbed.

After use of the STONE, same has to be
put in warm water during thirty minutes.
As soon as the bubbling ceases, the STONE
is to be put in milk for two hours and
finally, to be rinsed in fresh water
and dried in open air.

The stone can be used indefinitely.
(If you are poisonous, beware!)

Day 15  Prompt: 2 for Tuesday - Love or anti-love
Love's Lessons

Each piece of the action
carefully executed - your life
too precious to be squandered.
Each moment treasured
each new confidence celebrated.

So once again stick those L plates
back and front, tell me the mileage now,
I record the time, and off we go.
You return my trust by allowing me
to be passenger, not driver.

What luxury - to gaze at views
(and watch out for this corner!)
sit back, relax (clutch the dashboard
only once) and sigh, relieved, with you
when we achieve another fifteen minutes.

Only one hundred and six hours to go!
Our lives too precious to be squandered.
So once again, stick on those L plates
(and go carefully at this roundabout)
go slow, beloved daughter, go slow.

Day 16   Prompt: "Once upon a ..."

"Once upon a stillness."

Not a leaf was stirring
in vain did the birdies cheep:
no swings! no rides! not dark enough
for all good birdies to sleep.

But then a droning filled the sky
and all beaks pointed there
that great big bird with indigestion
sped swift and true through still air.

What longing beat in birdy breasts
as darkness drew down deep?
Who knows what dreams of power,
what heights, those birdies reached in sleep?

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