Monday, November 7, 2011

This will be a three-poem stack.

Prompt 3 "Sort of (blank) ..."

Sort of economical.

See, after using my new whizz-bang
laptop for work all day, zinging
from file to program, sort of like
being a monkey in the top storey
of trees, swinging to the fast drive
and marvelling at the fine views
writing one poem on this old slow
machine would be a waste of time.
A dinosaur effort, rooting for
tasty truffles in a dank swamp.

Prompt 4: "finding something unexpected"

The moon, an upside down white pottery bowl
in the sky wrapped in silk tassels, white silk
streaming like divine and delicate fingers
across the translucent blue skin. The moon
later bold gold and still upside down
a roman find in a black pond, a treasure
on the roof of a deep cave, and we
striving to stay calm, feel important enough
to hold all these contradictions in one hand
while driving home on narrow unlit roads.

Prompt 6: an addict poem

Try these: a dash of swallows, a circus
of honeyeaters, a decoy of wagtails, a panic
of lorikeets. As for sparrows, I believe
a homeliness of them is worth more
than the starched black suit coats
of ravens along the roadside, pompous
colonists, a squattocracy of crows.
My two wrens balancing on fern fronds
I call Mr and Mrs and wonder how tiny
their eggs must be. Try talking to me
when birds are conversing way over
our heads about matters we would call
mysteries. I will listen to you
with one ear, my head cocked, my heart
speed-dating with fleetings, twittering.

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  1. These are so good, I could wish I hadn't already featured you at Poets United's 'I Wish I'd Written This'! ( for those who want to see what I did post there.)