Friday, November 16, 2012

November Poem-A-Day Challenge

Day 14

prompt: classical

To Be Human

We, ourselves, are
a classical design.
Physically imposing
hairless where naked,
spreading across
the planet like
fungi or vermin.

Hundreds of generations
have perfected the art
of being human, our
adaptations are admired,
our colonisations
taken for granted
as a kind of superior
talent. Meanwhile

those Ionic columns
look less and less
imposing, the grains
of classical marble
crunching under heavy
tourist & conqueror feet.
Erosion, the mightiest
force in this kingdom.

Day 15

prompt: palm off with


your lies in 
the palm of this
hand appear as
millipedes on
a sandy path

coiled, belief
in sovereignty
has you look
straight ahead
into my eyes

the final  lie 
grasped and
pocketed as if
never spoken

Day 16

prompt: footloose

Fancy! Free!

As a poet I practised
being footloose, wrist-limp,
mind silent. As a mother
I stood still, steady with
a helping hand, babbling
in concert with words
becoming more and more
recognisable. Until,
as a poet, I could write
the footloose mindless
freehand joy of raising
a vocal majority.

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