Saturday, November 3, 2012

November Poem-A-Day Challenge

Day 2

prompt: "full moon"

The Sky Being A Bland Bumpy Sea of Cloud ...

I am sure you will earn a plethora
of accolade; your round face
turning the tide of opinion,
unscarred by our clumsy footfall
the way we think of you as
stepping stone to the stars
and beyond. I am sure your
partnership with the sun, its
star-magnetism, deflates you
not one jot. If you were to visit
tonight, though, you would be
by cloud -  something more
down-to-earth for you to
turn the other cheek to, and
a barrier to admiration you
couldn't care less about, being


  1. Anther stunningly beautiful poem! You're off to a great start.

    I am not doing it this year, as I already have a chapbook partly compiled. But I may use some of the prompts.

  2. Aha! Another chapbook on the way? You must have several ready to publish by now! :-)