Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November Poem-A-Day Challenge

Day 7

prompt: medium


It was rare, yet tasted
medium. At least 
the vegetables were
well-done! I felt
my newly reconstructed
tooth being jarred
against jawbone.
Replete, I savour
the aftertaste of blood
the less metallic
film of starch and
chlorophyll on tongue
the absence
of starvation.

November Poem-A-Day Challenge

Day 8


Inquiry Beyond ...

How this works is
you switch yourself on
turn the torch on others
study the terrain
you always thought foreign
as if it is your own.
Then go for a walk.
Imagine not being yourself.
What does that make possible?

November Poem-A-Day Challenge

Day 9

prompt: co-ordination


He suggests I follow
his upright finger as it moves
left to right, right to left.
My eyes hunger for
its stillness, its precise
location in space.
"This is all to do with
balance," he says, "often
affected by the ears."
My eyes stretch wide open
listening to what
my ringing ears cannot see.

November Poem-A-Day Challenge

Day 10

prompt: seedy

Eulogy for a Garden

Well that describes my garden
in a nutshell, or should I say
a seedhead on grasses that
wave as I pass? 

Up front her bosom is tatty, 
Out the back, tall trees bow
with respect, awe, or wonder.

Mere sparrows have been known

to practise acrobatic skills
on those wand-like expressions
of vegetative life.

I drag the bin full of rotting
weeds to the verge, thankful
someone loves emptiness
as much as I do.

November Poem-A-Day Challenge

Day 11



I am thinking Sunday
a perfect day for
saintly activity: work,
devotion, faith, love.

I will bring beauty
forth, gently untangle
it from twisted trunks
and soil unkempt.

There will be a purity
arising from disturbance,
change, the upsetting
disappearance of familiars.

And I will chase all
CATS with a three-pronged
fork and the conviction
of righteousness.

November Poem-A-Day Challenge

Day 12

prompt: mackerel

Today, a mackerel sky,
or patch of scale and fin
at least. All around, a sea
azure, serene, without
net or boat or hunter
or triumphant shout.
Just peace, drifting.

November Poem-A-Day Challenge

Day 13

prompt: stamp


This word is emphatic
while creating patterns
on paper or fabric and
making a foot move
with unusual energy.
It sends letters and
seals them, impressing
while it encourages
flight and lightness.

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