Sunday, April 7, 2013

Poem-A-Day challenge Day 6

prompt: a post poem

When My Sister Visits

My sister's dog, Jill,
knows she is brought here
to be posted on blackbird
and boundary duty.

Her sturdy short legs
march smartly from
one back door to another
and at times she sees action.

Mostly, however, the canny
birds know to stay away
and cats, getting a whiff
of dog, pretend they never

intended to come anywhere
near this yard. She is
a kind little dog, and sniffs
but does not pee on 

anything I value such as
underpants on a clothes horse.
And every so often she takes
time off to come inside.

 Jill, came to my sister
terrified from the RSPCA. 
Now she is at home, knowing
her posting is permanent.

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