Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Poem-A-Day Challenge, Day 8

prompt: an instructional poem

How do I write it?
The students always ask.
Treat it like a sport, I say.
It's more a game than task.

The rules are pretty easy:
just exercise your hand
don't worry about your spelling
or if others will understand.

The playing field is huge.
With room for great improvement.
Just practise on your paper gym
to master each new movement.

A team or individual
can reach incredible scores
a champion practises practising
indoor, or outdoors.

You set yourself a goal each time
one to make you stretch
and so you limber up your mind
and leave a new world etched

on paper for the reader
to umpire or to cheer
and that is how you write it.
Show me now you're clear.

They write with sporting spirit
it's such surprising fun.
They win because they write so fast
their worries are outrun.

And now they say to teachers
Just tell me when to start
and I will write a poem for you
as fast as it is smart!

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