Saturday, November 15, 2014

Poem-A-Day November 12

Prompt: something unseen

On Comparing Climate Changes

You say Christmas will be all snow
and that vortex is bringing you
an early rendition. You talk about
packing gloves and hats for trips
north, and while you’re speaking
I remove my light cardigan, flap
my t-shirt for the breeze it makes.
I tell you all there is a Jingle Bells
for those of us Down Under. I send
it amid gales of laughter transmitted
via email. I’m on top of the world
actually, having packed away the
dark wardrobe and brought out
the colours of Spring & Summer,
not yet willing to consider what is
inevitable: bushfire, and heat waves
that melt tarmac, railway lines, and
the capacity for effective thought.
In the silence, I hear you shying away
from permafrost and burial by snow.
Of course, we all count on seasons
and their cycles. But what if …?

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