Saturday, November 15, 2014

Poem-A-Day November 13

Prompt: options

On Watching the Birds in my Back Yard

There’s a festive spirit out there today.
Blossoms full of nectar, grasses seeding,
and loquats dangling plump and golden.
What a feast! Families of honeyeaters
swing upside down on slim branchlets,
siphoning out sweet treats. Soldierly,
sparrows nip seeds from stalks. Less
orderly, blackbirds rummage in leaf litter.
Pigeons bob their heads as they scout for
riches fallen among stones, before taking
time out to preen, perched on wire frames.
A garden of many options. Yet even among
birds, one will send another fleeing and
come back to sing sweetly about victory.

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