Saturday, November 8, 2014

Poem-A-Day November 4

prompt: two for Tuesday - super hero/super heroine

On Reading the Newspaper Over Breakfast

Dear Tarzan, Phantom, Spiderwoman, whoever:
We need you.
There's a spot of bother
in several countries we'd love to visit -
contribute tourism's boost to economy -
if only they sorted their differences out.
Besides, they're contaminating the minds
of our youth. We blame ourselves of course -
poverty, teenage rebellion running amok
(that must be those other parents - too much 
or not enough discipline - we're sure
that's the answer, those of us trained
to think) The problem is they answer back.

So we do need you.
As leaders of Team World, you
could have us all think correctly 
behave nicely and let bygones be bygones.
Your question?
Oh, of course, we can't do anything
about the US gun laws! 
What? You want to bring in
a Final Solution?
That's fine. Just make sure you leave us
as Team Australia to carry on begetting -
and make sure you send the top 100
wealthiest here as refugees.
We believe in investing in an energetic
future; they might be old fossils
but they haven't run out of fuel yet.

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