Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Have Ten Minutes

before I go to sit on the couch and watch Rex with Mum. I'm not sure if he's in Austria or Italy, so that will be fun: finding out which language to tune into.

But can I write 2 poems in ten minutes?

Here goes:

Prompt 18: Like .........

Like a feather I walk
my paths / they crunch
as fine grit sticks
to my ugg boots.

Our walk is worth
every morsel of sand.
The weeds vanish
 in my gloved hands
filling the garden bag

with pungent and
outflung arms.
 Don't try to escape!
I scold. I've got you!

A heavy collection
of feathery runners
fronds and stalk.
My heart freed.

That was Prompt 18.

Now for Prompt 19: love poem or anti-love

Well, I can't think of one thing
I can't love. Maybe, if I choose to,
I could dislike, but hate isn't one
of the colours in my palette.

Every situation is a sketch
every view a painting in water or oil
every encounter a portrait, a story
too good to destroy with denial.

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