Monday, April 4, 2011

SECOND PROMPT: a postcard poem

Well, having a prompt like this buzzing around in your brain while you go about your day is certainly illuminating.
What is it about the railway platform that you'd write home about? What about the sound of two children screaming together in a distant backyard? Should I spend the day as a tourist down one of the local gorges, or picking strawberries in the Avenue of Honour? Does sitting at my computer, re-reading my memoir bits and pieces count as postcard-worthy?

Eventually, I came up with the following:

Sunday, 3rd April, Swanston St, CBD

Silence. How I miss it.
Your singing, your croaking
your soft sighs.
The broad footpaths
bear a heavy load
of feet. The street
reeks of horse-shit.
At San Churro cafe
there is so little room
between tables, my body
becomes a threat
to peace and stability.
The State Library lawns
wriggle and shout with children
meeting picture-book illustrators.
I think of you, miss you
do not wish you were here.

addressed to:
Back Yard
Home Valley
Victoria, Australia.

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