Monday, April 18, 2011

My New Job and Time to Write & Other Stuff

I had a most entertaining time writing about this topic but Blogger refused to save it. Fine. Here's a couple of poems.

Day 15: prompt: A PROFILE POEM

Conversations with my daughter in the car

It's the way her jaw drops
as she says, "One!" that
makes me laugh so hard
I nearly run off the road.

When she turns to face me
our laughter bounds between
us, springy as the white hairs
I refuse to count. "One!"

Day 16: prompt: A SNAPSHOT POEM

A picture of this house's mud brick
walls cannot convey the structure
of our creative conversation

how it swirled and circled, swung
way out, searching for pinpoints
of light, a lightning strike, epiphany.

You and your children heading
for the back door, no host or other
guests visible. Yet we were all there.

The single shot so unrepresentative
if I ever print it I'll tear it up.
Save paper: delete before

it attaches to the event like
a momentary result, and pride,
when the point was mere process.

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