Sunday, September 25, 2011

30 Poems in 30 Days
Day 29 (yes, I know it's out of order)- includes driving

On Not Picking Up the Hitchhiker

You might have given me
a guided tour of the galaxy
you might have driven me
crazy with wild jokes
you might have steered me
in a new direction
you might have accelerated
my education

but I didn't pick you up.

You might have entertained
a notion, taught me how to
use emergency brakes
you might have appealed
to my sense of adventure
these days, I don't know
what it takes
for a woman to want a man

bad enough - understand?

It's not as if I'm deluded
or on automatic
my hormones have quit
changing gears
but you must see how it is -
you want me to see a person
all I note is your flat chest
and bulging jeans.

I'm not going to stop.

I raise one finger - is it to
acknowledge or admonish?
You turn, hopeless, from the verge
and I notice the sign.
Let the bus pick you up.
Collectively, your reputation
is in ruins, our trust
taken back. Shove that thumb
in your pocket, this is my track.

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