Wednesday, September 14, 2011

30 Poems in 30 Days
a poem with dialogue in it
and Moon 16

"Thanks for picking me up, Mum."
"No worries, it was really a treat."
"I thought I might have to get a taxi."
"Really? Well, aren't you sweet!

You could pay for the parking, then, dear."
"I've only got 5 pounds in cash."
"No worries, I've got my credit card.
I'm so glad the plane didn't crash.

I heard you took off in a hurricane?"
"Oh, that was bumpy, but all right."
"How long were you travelling, love?"
"With transit, twenty-seven hours' flight."

The moon beamed down on our highway
but we chatted and missed the turn-off.
Lost in the labrynthine suburbs,
it was easier to laugh than to scoff.

For at three o'clock in the morning
nothing could make me regret
the joy of collecting my daughter
and a journey she'll never forget.

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