Monday, September 26, 2011

30 Poems in 30 Days
Day 30 - include the number 30

The Poetry Reading on Sunday

It's one-thirty
I'm too early
they're not late
I recline in
the driver's seat
to wait.

It's two-thirty
I'm far from the hurly-burly
nothing to make me irate
I'm here at
the right place
and date.

It's three-thirty
Some of these poems
are real curly
Others berate or elate
Perfect last lines!
Simple, not

It's four-thirty
I'm at the mike
chirpy not surly

time for me
to create
by the looks on faces
I need to translate!

It's five-thirty
My mind is clear
but swirly
I free-associate
while driving
wishing the road
was straight.

It's six-thirty
I'm at my desk
the light pearly
what I hate:
the burial ground
of good ideas
that could-have-been

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