Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November Poem-A-Day 23

I shouldn’t be here

When the train’s doors
would not unlock
and we’d got no further
than the first pick-up station
we did wonder how
we’d disembark up the line
at our Regional stations.

Next stop was called Sunshine
we all exited through guard’s
secret doorways and either
stood for standing room
on the next train or
wended our ways to where
a bus was miraculously
going to appear.

“It’s not your fault, but …”
he shouted at security guards
kindly waiting to place
the bus at our disposal.
As we boarded, he was still
yelling at some poor civil
servant of the people about
Bad Customer Experience.

The rest of us pretended
we couldn’t hear him
planned our more friendly
feedback forms. The inept
train reached our town
at the same time we did.
Railway workers surrounded
it with love and tools.

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