Friday, November 29, 2013

November Poem-A-Day 26

Freedom –

His passion
for compassion
for “unofficial
has me feeling
as helpless
as a child
on a leaky boat.

I arrive home to
beautiful invitation
to save the date please.

Anzac Day weekend
a wedding uniting Greek
and Aussie battlers.

Why am I asked to provide
one hundred and thirty-nine dollars?
Why not one hundred and thirty-nine kisses
for the angels building tent cities
or one hundred and thirty-nine bullets
to shoot the builders of barrel bombs?

From one continent - one country
the border crossings seem inane,
my circumstances seem so simple:
a mortgage, rooms to play in, music
and literature to calm the soul, a
secure job, & loving family intact.

beautiful invitation
helpless as a child
bullets – kisses - dollars

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