Tuesday, April 8, 2014

NaPoWriMo Day 7

love poem to something inanimate

My Panasonic Lumix camera (16x)

It was there, in transit, I found you
irresistibly brown and on sale.
Your cousin had drowned in the tropics
and they told me you wouldn’t fail.

I took out my last-resort credit card
and into my handbag you slipped.
At home after hours of flying
the packaging was finally stripped.

And there were you, my darling
ready to focus and shoot
to teach me how to make macros
of insect and flower and fruit.

You’re slim and not very heavy.
There’s still things about you unknown.
Luckily, you’re inanimate, though useful,
so no problem if I leave you alone.

But sometimes I just have to tuck you
among the most precious of friends,
once more in my handbag transport you
to record what my Bad Wallet spends.

You’re the creator of many great memories,
you download with freedom and ease.
Your visions of sunrise and sunset
would bring any poet to their knees.

You’re my eyes, my creative companion.
Together we discover new views.
Explorer of the world in images
You’re my partner, my digital muse.

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