Monday, April 7, 2014

PAD Days 5 & 6

Day 5 a discovery poem


As rivers stop clapping
over rocks and stepping stones

As dams slide, exposing
results of activity formerly hidden
beneath apparent stillness

As waters of all kinds
appear as merely ordinary
rather than the subjects
of gratitude we’ve made them
for several years now

I discover I am tongue-tied
unable to counteract
the sacrifice of ancient grassland
to industrial mullock heaps
unable to address
erosion as a state of being
for human being.

Day 6  a night poem
for Dylan Thomas


Some people do not
rage at the dying of the light.
They ignore it
light the lamps of optimism
prove sovereignty with torches
draw curtains
before night, literally, falls.

Others welcome darkness
walk into it, familiar territory,
breathe altered air, deeply,
sing with crickets,
hunt with the owl,
join with the dingo
in a good old-fashioned howl.


  1. I hope day 5's gets widely read!

    Day 6 — that's telling him! I find myself wanting to be with those who welcome darkness; you make it sound enticingly adventurous.