Friday, April 18, 2014

Poetic Asides Day 14 & 15

Day 14  if I were …

If I Were A Nineteenth Century Cartographer

What fun I would have!
First I would follow the Explorer
and discover not every piece
of territory is charmingly girt by sea.

I would point out to kings
and emperors the merits of lines
that follow watersheds and rivers.
I would paint in the colours.

I would subdue the riotous
and divide tribes, even villages.
What an art! To promote
the economy of Nationhood.

At one with the wild beasts
who wander freely across borders
I’d limit the world for others, knowing
my creation will be their posterity.

Day 15   Love/Anti Love

The Anti-Love Stance

Who needs love?
I need more time.
To write, create,
rhythm & rhyme.

Who needs love?
They’re all the same.
They’re on the prowl
& you’re fair game.

Who needs love?
Investors? Crooks?
The Prime Minister
however HE looks.

I’ve heard love’s an answer
I read a lot of books.
So maybe they’re to blame.
For a world full of sooks.

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