Friday, April 11, 2014

Poetic Asides Day 10

future poems
The thought of life's brevity and the matters one must deal with had me unable to avoid rhyme, which seems to like whimsy & humour. So two poems:


Given you will die
How will you live?
What is your life for?
What will you give?

Or are you a taker
a user, a thief?
Are you happiest
in the presence of grief?

Perhaps at the last
your swansong will play;
Who will laugh last, then
with your hopes gone astray?

There isn’t much time
from emergence to death.
Live a life you can love
until your last breath.

Take charge, make a mark,
leave something of worth,
The worms will be thankful
when you return to earth.

Even then I suspect
You’ll make their plans backfire
By choosing to donate
Your body to a pyre.


If I don’t find the hairdresser
there will be enormous displeasure
ruining an otherwise perfect day.

The bride and groom resplendent
the bridesmaids divine
bride’s parents a vivid display –

But I with my frizz
spend the day in a tizz
simply wanting to run, run away!

No style, no panache, no pride
for the groom. He’ll take me aside,
my son, and he’ll say –

“You’re always unique
but not at your peak
even now, on this special day.”

And all for the want of a hairdresser’s touch,
the expert who’ll make smooth what’s rough
with comb, pins and rigorous hairspray.


  1. Re second poem — I think what you need is a wonderful cut, so you look like you, only ultra-cool. :) But yes, it still depends on finding THE hairdresser!

  2. I suspect you're right about the cut!