Monday, April 21, 2014

NaPoWriMo Days 18,19 & 20

Day 18  a pair of ruba’i


It rained of course:
without force
a day of mourning
and remorse.

So Friday’s dawning
a timely warning -
but rejoice the source
on Sunday morning!

Day 19    seashells

Lazarus Jewel Box

I imagine this fabulously colourful
creature with sparkling limbs or
organs or eyes, surrounded by
a hard plain carapace, concealed
in tropical sands. Of course!
Like any treasure seeker I am
led astray, fed false clues, given
a map in code. The photo reveals
a bunch of overcooked pasta
bled of colour, the booby prize.

Day 20  in the voice of a family member

Stormy Relationships

I try to tell them
I am dying down here.
Half my wands are dried out.
My seeds are infertile.
They continue dancing
and call from great heights:
Come on, let the wind
Give you new life.
Their long limbs spin and shake.
They have no idea what it is like
to be a cordyline.
Silver Princesses!! They hear
a royal imperative to dance
until they drop. I just pray
they drop not on me
but fall the other way.
I reach up with withered arms
asking the wind
to change direction.

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