Sunday, April 18, 2010

Off the Cuff 15: Deadline & A lifetime of being in & out of love for Melbourne Ch 3

APAD 15     prompt: a deadline poem

"Deadline" is a deadly phrase
inviting fear instead of praise.
Why not a "liveline"
or "Date By When"?
And as I say that, I think again.

I pause for thought, as I often do
which is why my work is overdue.
I'll procrastinate
as habit dictates
until I'm in the overload stew.

Then plans and schedules give me peace
While occasions for play
are a true release.
And there is nothing else to do
but take my time
exactly when it's due!

A Lifetime of being in and out of love for Melbourne

Chapter 3:  1979 - 82

Directionless whether in South Yarra,
Box Hill North or North Fitzroy,
it's a time for star gazing, learning
the language of refugee landings: I am
an island of empathy, someone
who now can't see why others say
"They all look the same". I react to
foreign impulses, all too familiar, and
become a mother, move to Dromana.

NaPoWriMo 15

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