Monday, April 26, 2010

Off the Cuff 22: Earthly Concerns & The Massive Comb-Over

APAD 22    prompt: an Earth poem

Earthly Concerns

There are only three things
poets write about, he says:
love. death. landscape.

By day we drive back
saying, so this is what
it looks like: sandy, dead.

Late at night, on the way,
we were comet riders, burning
a hole in the blackness.

You play with my hair
as I drive; you say it's all good
whatever I decide. 

We are earthed in over eighteen
years of travelling together,
looking for Orion's belt again

exploring the contours of love
mother and daughter, earthbound
guessing the messages of the heavens.

The Massive Comb-Over

Cooing and patting.
What's the matter?
(I'm irritated)
Look in the mirror
Mum. Your hair!
(I see what
she means!)
Ruffling, she lets
my hair look
a little less

NaPoWriMo 22

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