Friday, April 30, 2010

Off the Cuff 29: And suddenly working & Autumn etc

  APAD 29    prompt: "And suddenly __________"

And suddenly working

One hour after I first press
the button to switch on power
my computer stops wheezing
and freezing and shutting
me out.

I've booted up
four times! That's like
four kicks up the butt,
but no sign of bruises. I sit here
hissing and snarling, sighing
and tutting until ...

I feel like kissing! As fingers
peck freely, and mouse clicks
skittishly, I put my catty paw
over the small silver mouse
begin to play with it.

Autumn (season), Bacchus Marsh (town)
Victoria (State) Australia (Country)

First mist of the season:
blurred views as I drive fast
homeward, nine in the evening.

A scatter of osage oranges
in Fisken Street, always inedible,
always a work of art, their falling.

Winter lettuces planted out
green and maroon in perfect
rows on several hectares.

The elms, which couldn't care less,
yellowing and stripping unwanted
summer attire. The subject

of complaints from those who
prefer traffic congestion through town
to redesigned roadways.

Inland, we've started keeping
the heating on until mid-evening.
Aeroplane lights white stars.

This is a photograph of one town
west of Melbourne where climate
is said to be "Mediterranean"

There's no sea. Our seasons
are agricultural, rural. But listen,
winter gales approach with stealth.

NaPoWriMo  29

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