Saturday, May 1, 2010

Off the Cuff 30: Meditations on Letting Go & Gratitude

APAD 30    prompt: "letting go"

Meditations on Letting Go

Low weak sun insists
we let go of summer
let winter squeeze through
curtain gaps.

Last night, driving,
my father's hands reaching
through time's curtain; I still
regret not being there
to hold them.

And where is my daughter
going? Come back, my hands
implore, stay young, stay
home, stay smiling.
She massages my head
and hands. She smiles.
And yet, she is going.

My worst nightmare
involved being on high dry land

hundreds of feet above ground
all around me the drop:

I would stop the fall through
sheer will. Why not let go?

Why not let go?
Regret makes you
slow. To be fast
don't fasten, hasten
just let go
of the past.
Good advice to self
so often shelved.

My mother tells me
the newspaper reports
at least one hundred and seventy
people, mostly women, of course
aged over the century are
alive in our state, Victoria.
My mother, almost eighty-four
aims to reach the dizzy heights
not let go of life, be
one of the select
to reach her centenary, and like
Agave americana, bloom again.

Ferns and herbs renew.
Birth, maturity, death
for the rest of us.


you, plump
artefact of desire
you over-ripe melon
you soft sac:
so happy I didn't
lose you to
surgeon's cuts
happy to feel you
floppy survivor
feel your painful
reminders yet
feel the lack of
weight, absence
which makes my heart
grow fonder
feel free to take you
to bed, free
of the fear
cancer bred.

 NaPoWriMo  30


  1. PS I love the new 'First Words'. Says it all. :)

  2. Re the First Words: I agree, AND I'm looking for a suitable poetic quote, so stay tuned ...