Sunday, May 2, 2010

One Challenge Ends, Another Begins

I can't imagine going a day without writing something poetic, so I'm going to set up the prompts for May like this: each day, I find a word at random in my Budget Macquarie Dictionary under a different letter of the alphabet and use that word as a starting point. I will start with A and my word is "aggregate" and also today will do B - the word is "blubber". I notice immediately that I may not like the words I'm given, but that's always been the challenge for us on-the-spotters/off-the-cuffers :-)  Join me if you wish; otherwise, just enjoy.


  1. I'm doing a spot of revising for the next day or two. I'll miss the daily poeming too, but two a day was a bit much really — I didn't get some other things done! (I also write a haiku every Friday and a tanka every Tuesday — at least one — which in April I made additional to the daily pieces.)

    Poetic Asides offers weekly prompts on Wednesdays during the rest of the year, so that is one possibility. Some of my favourites of my own were written without prompts, though, so I'll think about it. Just now it's editing time.

    Will certainly enjoy reading yours, as always!

  2. PS Well, after all I can't stand the poetry withdrawals, so am resuming daily poeming. But in the form of tweet poems (140 characters or less) published on twitter and facebook as written, and on my blog all together at the end of the month.

  3. Nah,third thoughts and I'm reneging on that after all. They feel forced, which is particularly awful for micropoetry. And I am wanting to write some prose things now....