Monday, May 17, 2010

Second thoughts on pince-nez

For a start, what
gender are they?
Masculine, eh?

Then think seriously,
ladies, about the days
of pinchy pince-nez.

Cast your eyes to the ground
focus in: through the petticoats
get present to skin

buried in layers of cloth
light and heavy
you sit with a similar bevy

of beauties in bustle and bone
all devoid of healthy
muscle tone

the whales were chopped up
for this: you can't run away
from the unwanted kiss

barely breathing, you sit upright
as a chair, wooden-faced
dreaming of wind in your hair

embroidering linens and silks
for the home: reinforcing belief
how dangerous to roam!

Above all, your nose
in pain in a spring - your sights
in the grip of this man-made thing.

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