Monday, May 31, 2010

Wh is for wheel

(n. 1. a circular frame or solid disc arranged to turn on an axis,
as in vehicles, machinery etc  2. any instrument, machine, apparatus
etc shaped like this, or having such a frame or disc as an essential
feature  3, anything resembling or suggesting a wheel  4. [pl] moving,
propelling or animating agencies  5. [pl] colloq. a motor vehicle
6. a wheeling or circular movement  7. colloq. a person of considerable
importance or influence  vb. 8. to cause to turn, rotate or revolve, as
on an axis  9. to move, roll or convey on wheels, castors etc  10. to
turn on or as on an axis or about a centre; rotate, revolve  11. to move
in a circular or curving course  12. to turn or change in procedure or
opinion [often followed by about or round]  13. to roll along on or as
on wheels; to travel along smoothly)

Selected Distinctions

1.   There are slow vehicles whose wheels
       are higher than my car. There are trucks
       with up to thirty wheels that charge past
       leaving me with zero visibility after rain.
       I am not afraid of those wheels, but wary.

3.   Mandalas, beds of herbs, ponds, the eyes
      of possums caught in a high beam like refugees.
      Plates and saucers, how many thousands
      has my mother stacked? The circular saws
      whose screaming filled my childhood with
      dead trees, amputated limbs, an appreciation
      of the thin quiet singing stings of mosquitoes.

6.   The bullroarer, a vortex, homing pigeons.
      My mind, fluttering around questions I don't
      want to answer, coming back again and again
      to excuses, reasons, defendants' pleas.

9.   She even uses the walker to collect a stamp
      from the bedroom so I can post the birthday card
      to her dear friend. The stamp is borne up to me
      sitting primly on its vast vinyl cushion. Therefore
      I place it with dignity and reverence on the envelope.
     What a long journey for this little bright piece
      of paper, messenger of authentic Australiana.

12.  As a young mother, I liked the idea of a red wheelbarrow.
       In my first bought home, we didn't have a garden.
       Now, in my second mortgaged paradise, I make do
       with a classic silver one, and envy neighbours
       pushing heritage-green plastic barrows made for elderly arms.

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