Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Y is for y?

Trying the other Lune form, in a

(the 25th letter of the alphabet; a suffix.
Why? a sound made by the letter y
meaning: for what? for what reason, 
cause or purpose?)

My friend E
is being told to pull
her head in.

She dares to
stand up and speak out
challenge violent threats.

I tell her
she is inspiring, courageous, tough
and wish afterwards

I had added
please be careful, the evil
ones are many.

She has blazed
trails for women all over
Africa through thickets

of misogyny which
she attacks with  the same
sharp tools she

learned to use
as a child, growing food
in the village.

May the harvest
feed an army of peacemakers
and outspoken women.

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