Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sh is for shine

(vb. 1. to give forth, or glow with, light;
shed or cast light  2. to be bright with
reflected light; glisten; sparkle  3. to excel;
be conspicuous 4. to cause to shine 
n. 5. radiance; light  6. lustre; polish  
7. sunshine; fair weather  8. {colloq} 
a liking; fancy)

Saturday Lunch

Over plates of fish and chips
we discuss my memoirs, yet
to be written. Out comes
the album which should be
titled "All About Africa".
Mum, you have to write it down!

He wishes he could remember
the trip we made to Great Britain
via Zambia and Zimbabwe
when he was two. Only the photos
tell his story, and this will become
the only story, unless I write

the rest. Even then, not his.
But one thing has not changed.
The shining-eyed boy has become
a man of keen and radiant vision
loving family history, lover of
a good book, written or not.

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  1. Well of course I like this one, recalling those shining eyes - and I agree with him.